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Buying a home is exciting yet can be a complex process. Some buyers become too overwhelmed, and end up making crucial mistakes. And oftentimes, mistakes in real estate are very costly. Let's look at the top mistakes Charlotte NC homebuyers make and how to avoid them. Not getting pre-approvedA mor...
Charlotte, North Carolina, has experienced impressive growth in recent years. It is now a destination for many people looking to start their lives anew. Many wonder whether home prices in Charlotte are going up or down. Some factors take time to predict. However, specific trends show where the ci...
Purchasing a HUD home in Charlotte, NC, can have advantages and disadvantages. You have to understand first what investing in a HUD home in Charlotte, NC, entails before taking the plunge. The HUD, or Housing and Urban Development Program, provides affordable housing choices. This is for buyers w...
Selling a house in Charlotte, NC, without a realtor is becoming increasingly common. These are some of the homeowners’ ways of saving money. It’s essential to consider whether you can benefit from this task yourself or if hiring a professional is the better choice.This article will explore sellin...
To sell your Charlotte, NC house to millennials, you need to be prepared and honest in answering their questions. Draw a millennial’s attention by offering significant perks in completing their real estate transactions. Millennials are also sweeping the property market, and their needs are differ...

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This blog covers everything from Charlotte NC real estate market reports to tips for buying and selling, how to be the best agent, workshops outreaches, and our achievement's and success stories. This blog is local to Charlotte NC real estate but will have great advice for any agent and homeowner nationwide. Thanks for reading!