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Are you concerned about your future in Real Estate?  Many people are struggling from the current real estate market, but fortunately I have thrived in short sales the last few years... however, what's coming in 2013 scares me. If you thought there was a large 'thinning of the herd' during this ma...
There are a few misconceptions and a few problems that I have with Bank of America's new Cooperative Short Sale program, but there are a few good things about it. Benefits of the BofA Cooperative Short Sale program: 1- You can start a short sale prior to having an offer (however, BofA will try a...
Talk to 3 attorneys on the subject and you'll get 3 different opinions.  Talk to 3 short sale 'experts' on the topic and you'll get 3 different opinions., I'll attempt to explain why I believe it is better to be SAFE than SORRY. Many agents 'argue' that based on footnote 126 from page 35 o...
I have to say that I didn't expect this short sale market to be going strong almost 4 years into it.  I had hoped for a quick dip and a nice bounce back on to the road of a steady appreciating market. Alas, here we are in 2011 and the market for short sales actually looks like it will be stronger...
Well, the difference between release of lien and release of liability in CA is 4 years of looking over your shoulder, if you are a seller in a short sale. ...I am still amazed that 3-4 years into this market (depending on your market, short sales may have been more predominant for more or less t...
Here is the continuation of my previous post on HAFA and what my prediction for 2011 is based on these NEW changes: WARNING, if you don't understand short sales, this may be of little interest to you... but here is why HAFA will not affect more than 20% (probably much less) of all short sales in ...
If you haven't heard yet, the Treasury has 'revised' the HAFA guidelines and those revisions go into effect 2/1/11.  Why are they revising their guidelines?  HAFA hasn't been working too well:   Here are the main changes to the HAFA program: 1. Mortgage payment no longer must be more than 31% of ...
Obviously, HAFA hasn't been such a 'game changer' as my team had predicted over a year ago.  Unfortunately, something happened to my 'HAFA prediction' that I posted in April 2010... (luckily it was re-posted here so I could copy and paste it below) so I am posting it again below.  If you want my ...
Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about SB 931 and how it makes it so short sales are considered as part of the 'one actoin rule' [As found in California Civil Code of Procedures section 726(a)]. After posting a video a few weeks ago on the topic, I got a ton of questions about how the law applies ...

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