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  Short Sale Road Rules: Negotiation Part 1-Negotiating with Buyer’s       As you may have noticed, many short sale articles re hash very basic “This is a short sale package” information.  While that is still needed, I think most agents and investors in the game are ready for some advanced techni...
  Just closed another Short Sale.  The seller liquidated an investment property at a 400K loss.  We got Chase to offer the seller a FULL DEBT RELEASE, and 20K  to the seller at close! Great job Angela for getting this one negotiated.   Agents, to learn how SSN can do this for your clients, conta...
  Short Sale Road Rules:  The Short Sale Listing Presentation       So, you have a short sale lead.  Now what?  Nothing happens unless you can close the deal, and make no mistake, getting a client to sign your listing agreement is closing a deal.  In short sales, there are three “closes” that hav...

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