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What are we talking about?  What fortune?  The fortune is found when you buy a home in a desirable community like Serrano in El Dorado Hills for less than $310,000! Visit our Valentine's Day open house on February 14, 2010 from 1-4PM.  There will be treats for your sweet tooth in addition to the ...
Imagine living in an upscale community in California near a private golf course with many wineries nearby. Main street shopping is moments away and you actually know your neighbors.  This is Serrano, located in beautiful El Dorado Hills in El Dorado County, CA. El Dorado Hills has many homes for ...
You may be hearing that it's a buyer's market. Since real estate is a local business, to know the market, you must dig deeper than national or even regional statistics.  Folsom, CA is a highly desirable, family oriented community which is located in the Greater Sacramento Region.  In Folsom in De...
The September 2009 issue of DS News, the publication dedicated to the default servicing industry, makes some startling statements about the commercial REO's that are coming on the market.  It states that residential REO companies are beginning to get commercial REO's and they are turning to their...
Last Tuesday, the buzz about the .75% cut in the Fed's rate (also called the prime) started. People got on the phone to their mortgage lenders asking if now the time to refinance their home loan is. As a result, there is a lot of information about what that rate cut means to residential loans.  H...
You had a vacancy in your center and after a few months, you finally have a new tenant.  Hurray!...or is it? As with all of real estate, it depends.  Let's look at what that new lease might do to the value of your shopping center.I. Local or National: If you signed a local tenant, that means you'...
Real estate fortunes are made by people who buy low and sell high.  The question is, how do you know when it's low? You would have to be under a rock to miss that our economy is having challenges.  Listen, anytime the government even thinks about giving the people money rather than collecting it ...
Last week the Housing Price Index came out with the 3rd quarter housing appreciation numbers. The great news is that Sacramento real estate has appreciated in value 56.9% over the past 5 years.  Do you realize that represents an average growth rate of 11.38% per year over the past 5 years?  So, i...
The Secret to Creating Certainty with Commercial Real Estate11.08.2007 When does 3 = 1? The answer is in commercial real estate. When looking at the commercial real estate market, we must actually look at 3 different markets.I. The space market: This is the physical space that exists in the marke...
The 2nd Annual Sacramento Strip Mall Conference was held this week.  The conference was full of ways for retail property owners to make money.  As your retail real estate expert, I will share a few of them.1. Charge for your monument signage. Make the fee agreement an addendum to the lease. This ...

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