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Where are the short sales with so many defaults? I'm sure that you have heard the term short sale, but did you know that in 2009 only 40,000 were approved, according to the Office of the Controller of the Currency. You might ask yourself why and there is an answer. The government took extreme me...
Short sales sound simple but they take time. I realized that I was assuming that all people understood that a lot of time is involved in the completion of a short sale until this week when I got an offer with a deadline. I looked at the April 8th deadline, got over my shock, and then realized tha...
This should make you feel more comfortable about doing a short sale on your primary home. You will be happy to know that you don't have to pay taxes on the amount that you were forgiven on your home. You will not get a 1099 for the amount that the bank forgave on your morrgage when the house sold...

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