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For those here in Bergen County following the construction progress of the highly anticipated "Bergen Town Center" - there was a major breakthrough today ....   ... the TARGET SIGN WENT UP !!!!!!!!                Now aside from the realization that we are getting this fabulous store right in our ...
In the heart of Maywood, New Jersey, stands a proud fixture ~                                               ~ the Historical Maywood Train Station & Museum !                    Celebrating its rebirth after being renovated 5 years ago, the Historical Landmark adds a touch of 'yesteryear' to this ...
  Welcome to the first installment of                          "The BRIT's Home Projects " !     This series will be released to encourage the everyday homeowner that they indeed can do many small projects around the house very easily -                      ... without being intimidated and not ...
  Boy, there is so much excitement and positive activity happening here with ActiveRain recently !!!!    Membership currently stands at 130,687 - a phenomenal growth rate !   Straight talking Bill Gassett - is about to become a TV icon     Our Short Sale Czar Elizabeth Weintraub is launching a ne...
January 1st ... out from his home waddles 'House-a-tonny Phil', the well known Real Estate Forecasting Groundhog - and many Realtors wait anxiously to see whether he sees his shadow - which would signify "12 more months of Doom & Gloom and less transactions for us all .." ????                    ...
Today, while reading through my usual 412 blog posts  (boy it's a tough addiction ?!?!?) I came across a few blogs that had comments disagreeing with the author's message.                       I would think we all certainly can agree that it's truly great to receive 'attaboys' in the comments to...
As of today - January 6th - there are 2 types of people in this world. People who made New Years Resolutions 5 days ago, and those who didnt ! For those who are the latter, I offer you this - IT'S NOT TOO LATE !!!!!!   We all have different seeds for motivation, and the lowly New Years Resolution...
I was reading through a blog from Gary Woltal about 'Cheese'  (?!) today, and it reminded me of a principle that I always believed in, and that has definitely helped me in business. The phrase that I have subscribed to for decades, is for careers that you have to spend a lot of time on the phone....

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