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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.



I have a big birthday at the end of the week and great friends from New Jersey coming to help me celebrate. We are going to my favorite restaurant for dinner and I haven't been there in awhile. Having something to look forward to is joy almost beyond the event. For now I am content with that. Enj...
I enjoy finding a way to go forward rather than pointing fingers at the past. On Facebook I see far to much of the former and very little of the later. Whether people are being sharply political and are more interested in attacking than working for good, or horrible stories are explored about the...
Each Monday is the beginning of a week filled with promise and opportunity. Since I work on Sundays' Monday is the start of my new adventure. Today I have taken care of many things I have postponed for too long. Getting stuff out of the way on Monday is a good thing. Now I have the rest of the we...
I enjoy sunshine and particularly like days where the sun blesses us for hours without rain or wind or a storm of any kind. Yesterday was such a day and dispute working in the antique shop where I have a booth all day it was so nice to get out and appreciate the simplicity and beauty of a sunny d...
Chico, my latest rescue, is adorable and very loving. He is vocal but I am pretty used to it now. Yes, he has trained me pretty well in the last couple of years. He likes to speak for the other dogs and so if they move near the door, he barks as if to tell me that they need to go out and now. The...
Now that I have a space in a local antique gallery Saturday is the best time to hit garage and estate sales for merchandise. Sometimes it is productive and other times it is just a waste of time. I'm hoping for the former this morning. Last week was a good one but yesterday was terrible. I have r...
I love seeing all kinds of animals where they live. This guy seems to live across the street with his family. The property is overgrown and used to be an enormous barn. Now there are a couple of womsn who have rooms there and feed the turkeys and bears. You don't need to say it: it is wrong, dang...
I am not really sure if this one is a male or not but I call him/her Barney. I watched the other morning and Barney was busy collecting leaves and twigs and taking them a desolate area beyond and under a tree. I observed this for about a half an hour until it occurred to me that Barney was probab...
I guess the winter nap is over. Two nights ago I saw the first one but couldn't get a photo without putting myself in danger. Last night I knew when they would come to feed so I waited. The bear and I made eye contact but most of the closer pictures were too dark to see him. This was the first sh...
Much of my life is spent in waiting for something to happen, show up or be revealed. Next week I will be celebrating my 70th birthday. My Father never made it it this far and my Mom didn't live much longer either. I am not taking anything for granted and after a tough couple of months I have deci...

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