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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.



It was a long morning and I was out early. My yard guy never came to clean the leaves so whenever I can I collect and bag as many as I can so the grass underneath doesn't die. Today I did seven very large bags and made it to the dump before they closed at noon. For whatever reason, lawn people do...
I have lived in my current location for almost seven years. When I moved here I knew no one. That was pretty scary but I have made my way and love my new old home and the area as well. Yesterday I was invited to, and attended the party held by neighbors on an adjacent street who have done this fo...
I have a great gang of doggies. On Friday I took them to be groomed. It is quite the trip and they are always happy to be home once it is done. When I posted about it I was asked a lot to post a picture of the kids once they were home and cleaned up. Getting a good picture of the four at once is ...
Yesterday I was hacked here in Active Rain. I was lucky enough to be notified by Joseph Domino who was the first of many members who emailed or phoned me. Someone created another profile in my name about scamming with credit cards and used my name and photo. It didn't last long but whoever did it...
The weather is lousy and the roads are slick but I have an appointment for my gang to be groomed today. They really need the full treatment and so I will leave early and drive carefully so the pups will be coming home gorgeous. It is important to have dogs groomed regularly for their health and g...
I'm off to Goodwill this morning. I filled two more bags with clothing I am not wearing. It wasn't easy but once it was in the bag I felt really good about it. So this is my last trip for 2018. Now I am going to put together bedding I don't use for animal rescue groups. Most groups are desperate ...
I am a pretty simple person. Earlier I went to a specialty food store in my area and stocked up on things I like. I came home unpacked my things and went about working to diminish the clothing in my closet. It isn't easy getting rid of articles I really loved, but if they are no longer being used...
Once upon a time in a place called the Berkshires where there was a lady who found her place with her four rescue dogs. As time went by they all aged and felt that time was special and did their absolute best to stay engaged and happy. Sometimes there were times when one or the other of them was ...
My gang of four rescues doesn't really understand the holidays but they do get special prolonged time with me. Today they will get presents and enjoy stealing each others choice. That is what dogs do. They have no envy and only want to please but anything with a squeaky is something they want to ...
I don't know where or how this started but Christmas is a day that Jews everywhere have a special tradition that has been observed and passed down through generations. We celebrate this day by going to the movies and following it up with Chinese food. I can remember this from early childhood, and...

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