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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.



Today is my last day as a full time Realtor. I am ambivalent but this is my time to move forward and G-d willing move in fact. I have learned so much in my almost thirty years in "the business", and I have been gratified, disappointed, and seen more than I could have ever imagined. Life is like t...
Last night I had dinner with close friends. It was a holiday get together and was something I looked forward to. We met at their home, had drinks and exchanged gifts before going to a local place for dinner. I got some lovely things for my new home and gave some flameless candles. When my friends...
This is a blog I wrote just in case my Cable is down and I can't get online. Unfortunately, this happens about once a month. This time, I am hoping for a service call from the company later today but it is snowing and the provider is reliably not to be depended upon. So heaven forbid, I don't get...
It isn't easy being connected to cable for all my services, but in my area there aren't choices. This morning I couldn't connect and after doing all I could, I called the company. It took forty five minutes to speak with someone who said, "yes, it's on our end, but no one can get to you until Sat...
It's winter: it has snowed, it has blown, and now it is raining so hard that the ice is blowing against the windows. It is thundering and it is Thursday. I don't really understand global warming but something is different. As a child the seasons were more predictable. Now there is spring in fall,...
The national tragedy in Connecticut, and the new one in upstate New York are overwhelmingly sad and hard to comprehend. Whatever your view on gun control is, we can largely agree that sick, crazy and deeply disturbed renegades can always do damage to good people, children and animals. I don't wan...
For years I have talked of and planned to move to the Berkshires and change my focus to more than just real estate. While my New Jersey home has yet to sell, I am nonetheless preparing to transition because this is my time to do so. I will no longer list and sell real estate as a full-time focus,...
Sometimes it is difficult to hear what is important. It's not a matter of listening, it is a matter of noise, a lot of noise. I can certainly see without hearing but it is difficult to get the message with all the noise that surrounds the information I am looking for. So much noise, so little inf...
For the first half of my life I remember my Dad, of blessed memory, working (he drove a cab) on Christmas so his fellow drivers could be home with their families on their most special day. It was one of the first lessons I had in charity, real goodness not just lip service. My Dad is gone since 1...
I have a friend n Paris. She is kind and good and smart.  I have been to visit her and it was like spending time with someone I had always known: it was very special. My friend and I don't speak often or email more than a few times a year, and yet it is easy and as natural as can be when we do co...

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