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.. knows no words.
Most know that the very first thing that happens when you buy that used (or new, for that matter) car off the lot, is that it loses a ton of value.  But we buy that vehicle anyway because we need it to get to work, take the kids to school, go shopping for food, and run around this great big world...
Perhaps the idealistic of us can still recall in some stale moment this thought ... though as much as I would like to bring that man to dinner, he is becoming my second favorite Beatle. But let's not kid ourselves, ever.  We will disagree and be disagreeable in doing so.  We will take the most ra...
The tugs came rampant and vibrant and poetic and with that, I give you ... one of the best poems I've ever laid my soul upon: I Will Wait I am an arrowAimed with trust and devotionAdrift in the falling dark,Sailing above white fences State lines and through the Milky Way Seasons change and I disa...
And all it took was a few people being shot and injured and killed and to read the Media behind it all. I vowed to no longer watch FOX or MSNBC, though there are certain contributors that I feel are journalistically relevant.  And I broke that vow and that's on me and I'm probably just as irritat...
RIP, Man. What many may not know about me is that I have an Excel Spread Sheet Set up with each one of my Subscribers, the number of comments they have made on my posts, and whether their blood type will feed my yearning body if I so need it. For example, I recently wrote a post that lost me thre...
If there aren't already enough links within this post, here's a start of the soundtrack ... With respect to the fact that many of my friends and peers have survived and even thrived in a Real Estate Market that is about as enviable to be a part of as the Union Industry after the Hoffa debacle, I ...
... to write again with the same passion, piss, & vinegar that I once did (or at least thought I did). ... to find a bit of peace and maintain it. ... to leave this world a better place than when I entered it. ... to be more patient with that I find a waste of time. ... to leave them smiling more...
When the guy told me to send the Declarations page to Quicken Loans, my brow sweat curious liquids of cynicism.  While in the Mortgage Biz, I grew up hating those companies who hired nothing but $12.00 an hour script-swearing sweat hogs who didn't know an ARM from an Amortization Schedule.  Of co...
For the first time, I watched "It's A Wonderful Life".  Just finished it about a quarter of an hour ago.  Despite it being on television with commercials and all, I sat through the entire way.  That's rare for me and a movie.  Even more rare is that the last forty-five minutes were spent utterly ...

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