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And ... cut to the opening! I still believe you can solve all the ills and differences in the world with one sentence.  I just don't believe I can provide it ... ... Which explains why I can't conjure up an appropriate comment to many posts I read around here.  Let me illustrate some examples wit...
~ I will not piss off my superiors by offering up my point of view. ~ I will not talk about Politics, for fear that one of the said superiors actually would vote for Sarah Palin. ~ I will not joke around because HR is around every little corner. ~ I will not ask for what I think I'm worth because...
With 16,367 comments left and 16,367 comments had, one would think I'd hang up my time on this forum considering my link to the Real Estate Biz these days is similar to Jeff Belonger having a steady girlfriend.  Ken Cook doesn't count.  I kid Belonger & Cook, though.  I sift through posts around ...
I know, I know.  This is ActiveRain, not ActivePain, and the likelihood of anyone coming across this piece of prose who is remotely interested in the art that was Pro-Wrestling is about as likely as me coming across a member of the Latter Day Saints who is familiar with Peter North.  They (LDS) a...
Despite having more flaws than the reigning Congress our Armchair Pundits shake a stick at while maxing out their Credit Cards on their own personal time, I always considered myself something other than a fair-weather fan. Take where I grew up, for example.  It is two hours North of Pittsburgh.  ...
I was an above average student with a below average care for much of what I was taught.  I consider myself a relatively intelligent human being with a higher IQ when it comes to wit than that of what succombs to being able to find the nearest Red Lobster in a small town.  God is Just. When I was ...
Insurance is an interesting phenom in our Culture.  You pay a premium for a promise.  And that premium is based upon odds, the odds that the Insurer will (or won't) have to pay out on your behalf. And then you get into things like what is covered or not covered.  If I eat cabbage and baked beans ...
When I opened up the email that my Father forwarded me, I read every word of someone else's idea on why being a Steeler Fan is the right thing to be.  I read on why the work ethic, culture, toughness, and fact that Franco's beard should have a stoic place on Bradshaw's head deserves a place in th...
Being a critic and/or wallflower is easy and sometimes rather enjoyable. Boehner seemed depressed and drunk at times with that glowing red face and hunched back posture in the chair Pelosi use to pass gas on. Speaking of drunk, what was Biden laughing at in various moments?  It's almost as if ou...
Now this tune is pretty damn catchy:) In my eternal quest to find peace, happiness, and the body of Jimmy Hoffa as I rub that fact in Geraldo's face, I happened upon the Independent Film Channel.  Not since I fell in love with the philosophical ramblings of "My Dinner With Andre" have I watched t...

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