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Being my biggest critic, my staunchest advocate, and the only reason I'm not always well-reasoned ... I come to you today for a favor.  It's not a big favor.  It's not a small favor.  It's just a favor. You see, way back in 2006 I believed in something.  I believed in a Community of Real Estate P...
One of the many things that stimulate me to write is my birthday.  Now, while I consider it a fairly overrated holiday, akin to Valentine's Day (shouldn't every day be celebrated the same when it comes to the one you love?), it does provide us that extra Corporate reason to celebrate.  For yours ...
I'm a pretty lucky guy. As former pro-wrestler Dusty Rhodes put it, "I've wined and dined with Kings and Queens, slept in alleys eating pork and beans."  I knew a guy who went through a stretch where he lost roughly 40lbs not because he was on a diet or started tuning into Jane Fonda workout tape...
I have had the distinct honor of being a part of a forum from pretty much its inception.  That forum is this one.  I've read some very smart guys and gals and in my secret poetic dreams, I sometimes wish I could convey stuff like they do/did.  I ran across one of those very posts today by a guy w...
Click on to hear a song:) You know, I've been doing some thinking lately which is typically only dangerous on Friday Night's after 8:00PM.  Every generation either has a gripe or a cause or an enlightenment which it whistles into the wind and waits for the sands of time to either think it was a g...
Once upon a cloud I seemed, to drift and drab and forever dream.And with that cloud my tears were proud, knowing now I'll never seem. Despite the obvious fact that I'll never be Bruce Lee, Jim Morrison, or Larry Bird, I don't spend enough time being thankful for being Jason Michael "Freaking" Sar...
One of the things I heart about AR is the differing opinions, learning opportunities, and the viral explosion when certain words hit cyberspace in the form of a blog.  I will highlight five blogs here that did just that.  Some of them show what is great about this place and some of them show the ...
I don't want to freak out anybody who actually thinks I'm somewhat sane, but I talk to voices that wouldn't be construed as "normal" every now and again.  One of those voices posed the question that is the title of this post ... I figure I should answer honestly. You can't garner any monetary ben...
Ever wonder what it would be like to totally go against the grain and change time and history?  Me neither.  But, for purposes of sharing & caring, I would like to dive into a different view of a sport that many hold dear to their heart ... and television set.  You can look back on this in ten ye...
I don't suppose it is easy to retire before you are ready.  What may make it even more difficult is if it is a money issue characterizing why you don't want to retire but are pretty much forced to do so.  Equally difficult, I suppose, is if you still have a passion for your job and/or the company...

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