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General real estate information for Berks and Montgomery Counties. Particular useful tidbits for buyers and sellers.
I usually don't blog on my emotional issues, but I just had to in this case. I have a friend that I had helped emotionally and financially when her husband left her after many years of marriage. She had never lived on her own before so I helped her to become independent - at least somewhat, by pr...
There are no secrets to get your house sold. All you have to do is follow the recipe. There are only 4 main ingredients. Contact me to see if you have them!Every Seller Needs To Know, What Sells a house? There are four varibles that sell a house. 1.  Price   2.  Terms   3.  Condition   4.  Locati...
If you are trying to decide if buying a home is worth it, read on!There are a number of personal and emotional reasons to buy a home. But there are also some strong financial reasons to make the investment. In addition to exceptional home affordability and near historic interest rates, here are s...
Did you know that moving is one of the top stressful situations in your life - next to losing a loved one or your job? Read how to help lessen the stress you are feeling. Sharon Feelings of stress occur as an internal reaction to external events. In other words, it's not what's happening around y...
It's ugly - but it's the real truth about home prices. Read on! Contact me if you want to discuss this or have any questions about the value of your home! Sharon Sapp So you've decided to sell your house and you are well aware of the fact that homes for sale in your community have involved forecl...
Note: This is solid advice for all sellers.   Sharon1. Your photos are unimpressive. The vast majority of home buyers start their search for a home on the Internet, your house had better look great in print. Not just nice... downright fabulous.  Today we are considering internet views as a 'virtu...
Do you like community carnivals? Here's your chance to enjoy an annual one in a new, larger location - the Amity Township Community days! Sponsored by the Optimist Club, this community carnival features food, rides, business sponsored activities for kids, raffles and loads of fun This year it's ...
I'm often asked by my sellers what they should do prior to selling their home, so I thought I'd write a post to address the high points. Address your home's curb appeal. The whole idea here is to make your home appealing to the average buyer. If you individualize it too much, the only buyer you w...
Purchasing a foreclosed home is not always the right choice. Read the tips and guidelines below. Don't pay much attention to the commercials talking about a $100 per month mortgage. If they are out there (and I've not seen a nice home at that kind of price), they will need tons of work - then you...
Confused about your credit? This is a great article from an Allentown lender. Hope it helps unravel the confusion! Sharon SappTo say your credit history & score is HUGE these days may be a borderline understatement!  For purposes of my experience, I'll concentrate on how credit relates to getting...


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