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General real estate information for Berks and Montgomery Counties. Particular useful tidbits for buyers and sellers.
Working to get your home move-in ready for a new buyer will increase its value and shorten your sales time. With a lot of homes available for sale, buyers naturally will pick ones that appeal to them the most. Once they have a list of all the homes meeting their criteria - location, price range, ...
The process of home purchasing necessitates a sizable amount of knowledge. Your decision will be influenced by the numerous legal ramifications you have to be aware of, the financial possibilities and options as well as emotional choices you will make in the process of purchasing a home. In orde...
Hire the best "full service" Realtor you can find. In a market like the one we're in now, there is no time to try and sell with less than full service, or time to try to do it on your own. Do your research on the Internet and by asking friends, co-workers and family members who they've worked wi...
Whether you are a first time home buyer or someone who is looking to move up or down, or if you are being transferred to a new area, getting into the market can be both an exciting and a scary feeling. So, where do I start? First, discover if you have enough money to buy a home? The first step to...
The followig information is about a Southern Maryland home, but it really does apply to homes across the nation. Only 2 things sell a home - exposure and price. It's up to the Realtor to expose it to the right buyers, but it's up to the seller to accept the "real" price! Teresa Boardman over at ...
One of the first questions perspective home sellers ask is about commission, but many do not understand how that works. Here's a simple explanation.I've been getting a lot of questions lately about how I get paid and who foots the bill. It never occurred to me that it was an area of confusion, an...
Hey all you yard sale fans!  The Century 21 Call First's annual yard sale for Amity Township will be held this year on May 15th. Unlike previous years, you will get your yard sale kits when you sign up. We will have kiosks at various locations (such as Redner's) where you can sign up and receive ...
Most people think of their pets as family. You take extra care to make moving as stress-free as possible for your kids, right? Then you need to do the same for your pets. Experts agree that pets thrive on routine. Routine and moving don't seem to go together, but there are ways to make the transi...
Clean it up! Here are 5 ways to take care of that! Sellers always need to keep in mind that when they are selling their home, they need to pretend the house is no longer theirs and look at it as if they were going to buy it themselves. First, ask yourself "How would I feel when I walk in here and...
It's exciting looking for that "perfect" home when you first start out. Then it gets frustrating. Why? There is no such thing as the "perfect" house. Most buyers will eventually get 85% of what they are looking for. The trick is to separate your "needs" from your "wants", then how can you change ...


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