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Have you ever had a kindness shown?Pass it on!Twas not given for thee alone.Pass it onLet it travel down through the years.Let it wipe anthers tears.'till in heaven the the deed appears...Pass it on.                 Henry BurtonI read this in my local free paper and wanted to post it for some rea...
I have found myself in the position of paying it forward today. I have been a Active rain member for just over 3 months. In that short time I have learned so much. And I have met some really good people. Just two weeks ago I met with a loan Officer over lunch just to meet and see how we could ben...
Thanksgiving  is all about giving Thanks. I myself have sooo much to be thankful for. I have a great family, good friends,nice house, food in the fridge. Great job?I and my AllQuest Real Estate office help the local Womens and children's safe house. We do small things to  raise money and doate it...
Home heating product such as natural gas and propane are to hit record highs. Think about some of the buyers you may be working with. tSome  buyers I have in my thoughts are just qualifying for for some entry levels homes in the area. with this in mind we as Realtors must advice the clients of co...
I get a call from a client yesterday afternoon an she is really upset. she and her other half contacted me about 3 weeks ago while I was on floor duty. They had called in and was interested in a fixer up property our office has listed. So I go through the questions with them and find out that the...
Now I know that I am not the only victim here. i live in a rural area of homes.Most sitting on one or more acres. Plenty of room to own and care for pets. I have for sec=veral months now been awaken by a medium size sounding dog barking like crazy. Now this starts anywhere  from 2:00 am and goes ...
I feel the urge to write this blog due to a personal experience I had over the weekend. I ran across a friend whom is getting married in the summer of 2008. Yeah you say? Not so much for me. This couple has  lived together for as many years as I can think back. They have children together and see...
i have spent many hours in the past week concerning myself with for sale by owner property. I have seen a huge number of them within a 10 mile radis . Maybe 20 plus.  I wrote to all of them of course in hopes of hearing from just one. While doing this it made me wonder. Why in todays market would...
I have noticed a big change here in southern PA in the last two weeks. The nights are cool and days are still warm enough to get out and enjoy. But we all should let this time of year remind us to ready our chimmey and flues for winter. Please Have yours cleaned and inspected. As well as anyone s...
 This is my very first blog!   I have an idea. It is a    Free online homebuyers course.I am  offering this course  to anyone thinking of buying a home in the next year. All you need to do is contact me with some information about the buyer and I will get it all set up . The course talks about mo...


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