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It has come to my attention over the past few weeks that some of the troubled buyers in my market are being overlooked. I have had 3 different buyers contact Me with there war stories. Buyer one.. Has children with disabilities. has a hard time finding an agent that will work with her. Because sh...
Had an opportunity to volunteer for the Habitat for humanity build this year in York Pa. I have been asked before but thought I would like to but never really took the time to do it. Well this year I said YES! It was a fun day spent with nurses, bankers, and co Realtors . We framed walls, added t...
  Sold Market Analysis       No. of Listings Dollar Volume Average Price Median Price Average DOM RESIDENTIAL/FARMS     CASH   82 $9,822,397 $119,785 $107,500 107     FMHA   1 $87,000 $87,000 $87,000 13     SALES AGREEMENT   2 $214,900 $107,450 $107,450 166     VA   23 $3,930,507 $170,892 $153,0...
Ran out last evening to show a property. Before going I reviewed the home online of course. Just another really old weathered home in town here in Hanover Pa. The owners have passed and it is being sold. Nothing too special I think. I pull and my thoughts are really not to bad from the curb. Mayb...
I have been playing the real estate game with coach Patty       . This game consists of a daily phone call and and tasks to complete every day. I have only been in the game for 2 days out of the 30. I HAVE LEARNED A BUNCH IN JUST 2 DAYS!! The importance of scheduling .. Something I stick at.. And...
I just finished looking into a new company that has moved to the Hanover pa area. They shall remain nameless. I never want to slam someone trying to make a living. They are a credit repair company that took out a good size ad in our local paper. The ad was nicely presented and informative.  promi...
I have sold homes in and around Hanover School District for years now. NEVER>>> have I seen the prices I am seeing now. I just did a quick search of detaches single family homes in the Hanover pa school district. There are 35 singles family homes priced below $199.900.. Most are in quite neighbor...
I was just wondering about all the signs that seem to be everywhere you look ... They are the ones that say we will buy your house for cash.. Or they can sell it in 7 days or less.. Or behind in payments. Anyhow you know the ones. I just spent some time filling out a form on one of though sites.....
I was just viewing Susan Neal's blog here on  Active Rain and on the side bar was this fun little web site... The site is  I had some fun plugging in my name as well as names of my family members. I found out that there are 2,195 people named Sharon Harris in the United States Pr...
I seem to have been bomb bartered with clients seeking out Rent To Own property avalible in the area. I am willing to help these clients with there endeavor of course. However more then once I have found that the rent to Own property can be a very expensive move. WHY? 1. There is usially a high d...


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