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So, you want to buy a home? This may or may not be the place to begin. If you are looking in Washington DC or the nearby Maryland suburbs, please, by all means keep reading. If your search is elsewhere, you might be better served to access information from an agent that actually works in your are...
Cherry blossoms blooming are not the only pretty sight in DC this week. A short trip through any neighborhood reveals brand new "For Sale" signs. Announcements from brokers, large and small, in a myriad of shapes, colors and sizes proclaim DC home for sale inventory is on the rise. This morning, ...
"Whatever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of the sick..." If you are a physician, you know the phrase well. It appears in the fifth paragraph of the Hippocratic Oath. Of course, that portion of the oath goes on to affirm your purpose in visiting the home of a patient. Back in the ...
You  have scoured the internet listings. Maybe you have a list derived from homes your agent sent you to review. In some cases, you may have a mix of what your agent has sent and homes you have found using one of the websites that list homes for sale. Now you are ready to go see them in person. T...
This is from the Phoenix Business Journal. If anyone wonders why the public has trust issues with Realtors, this article exposes several reasons why. If you have a license and find nothing wrong here, go on and continue believing that the status quo is the way to go. I find the story alarming on...
Buying a home can be overwhelming. You have moved past the dream and are now ready for reality. There is nothing that could have prepared you for what you are feeling.  First-time home buyers have shared the experienced with us.  The doubts range from not knowing what you think you should know t...
Tony Williams was the Mayor. Several people came together to share a vision of what a centerpiece multi-use complex would look like in downtown DC. They had a dream. Today that dream is just about a reality.  i The condos at City Center are now being offered for sale. Each unit is spectacularly a...
You think I don't know?  I'm downtown all the time. I see you, cup of coffee in one hand and iphone in the other, rushing from the metro to your office in the morning. I share the same quick lunch with you in the middle of the day. Yeah, I see you trudging out of work at 6 or 7, stopping for a li...
In Maryland, the buyer has the right to choose the title company that will handle the closing of the transaction.  Very few buyers have a close relationship with any title company, so they seek the advice and/or counsel of their real estate agent.  Seems like a reasonable thing to do.  After all,...

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