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This is the Brookland area. Once called "little Rome" because of it's proximity to Catholic University, today it boasts an everchanging demographic. Largely a single home community with wide tree lined streets and stately colonials, Brookland is also experiencing an increase in restaurants and ne...
FREE HOME SEARCH FOR CAPITOL RIVERFRONT AREA I don't know about you, but for me, there is nothing quite like a fresh crab cake sandwich served up down at  Captain White's Seafood City.  From Spring through Fall, those in the know make their way to this little gem on the Potomac. Fresh seafood ar...
Capitol Hill is so much more that a large group of buildings that house our government. There are neighborhoods that stretch all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue South East. When I stop to visit clients that have moved to the hill, I am always impressed by the wide variety of neighborhoods. The ...
HOMES FOR SALE IN ADAMS MORGAN Recently, I stopped to visit a few clients of mine that had purchased a new home in Adams Morgan. After living there for a bit, I thought their insight into the experience would be more helpful than the general information below. They actually live there and really...
 This is the American University Park area. It was one of the first suburbs of downtown DC. The 2,700 or so single family homes were developed by WC and AN Miller company. Today most of the neighborhood activity surrounds Turtle Park. The park is popular throughout the year (read some four square...
         Working in the DC metro area is probably different than any other market in the country. It seems half the population is either coming or going and the pace picks up after every election. I know that I am in the minority, I was born here. I love DC, but I also have a soft spot for Annap...
Old wives tales claim that home buying comes to a halt just before the holidays and then nothing happens until Spring. The economy that used to support that notion no longer exists. I am not sure it ever existed. Herd mentality regarding seasonal swings in real estate sales had more influence on ...
In 1976, the country was in flux. On the national scene, Jimmy Carter was running for President against Gerald Ford,(Ford barely edged the charismatic Governor of California, Ronald Reagan. to get the nomination). Locally, in the spring of the year, Metro opened the first 4.5 miles of the subway....
Kudos's to Roger Miller for coming up with a statement so descriptive. It really is impossible to take a shower in a parakeet cage. It is also impossible to give an accurate answer to some questions posed by buyers. Just the other day, I was showing homes to a buyer in Washington, DC. She had br...
Every Memorial Day, there are parades across the nation. People line streets cheering those that have put their life on the line so that we might live free.  Our history is strong. Our heroes wear uniforms.  Hundreds of thousands of spectators at sporting events pause and rise for our National An...

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