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 If you have not gone or considered going to the Body World 3 at OMSI, I highly recommend it.  It's a mixture of science, philosophy and art all in one exhibit.Here is information on tickets. OMSI does suggest that you purchase your tickets at least a couple of days in advance.  We went on a week...
 Last year I took on an assignment in Gaston, Oregon about an hour outside of Portland.  This isn't my normal beat, but I've been known to take rural appraisals here and there just for the scenery.  And my plan was to take half the day off and continue on towards Gleneden Beach to meet my parents...
 After months of pushing hints to Dave, signing up for our local humane societies foster care program and even finding a dog in need of an immediate home the day finally came.  We did not end up with the first dog in need, a 105 lb pit pull with no knowledge of his history.  (That was probably a ...
   Every day I walk my neighborhood and mostly admire, sometimes dislike the architecture.  No matter what I feel about the outward appearance of the house, the entire grouping makes up the neighborhood that I love to live in.  With the collage of houses, come the residents that share my admirati...
                                                     Hello ~Below is a list to most (some were simply too lame to bother with) of my blog links that are located in my Appraiser's group.  Please go to the group to find some amazing professionals and their blogs.  Appraisers and all other Real Esta...

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