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What was supposed to me a 15 minute project has turned into a couple of hours of reading over old posts, finding blogs that I had missed and all around reflecting over this group.  I just thought I would take a moment Saturday to thank you all for your contributions and readership as well as obse...
Sound depressing?  That's the number one excuse I hear from people that have never been to one.  I've been to a share of animal shelters and rescue groups, and I will admit, some are sad and dank and have an utterly hopeless feeling about them.  Others however are inspiring and educational.  Thes...
As things get to beyond ‘winter slow' appraisal-wise around these parts, I start looking at my options for a bit of financial comfort.  The easy way to go... an appraisal management company... I wince. I admit, I'm not a fan of appraisal management companies, but perhaps that's simply because I a...
Below are 20 images of houses from the city of Spokane, Washington.  Can you guess their styles? The option of historic architectural styles are listed below the pictures.  The answers are listed below that. 5 points for each correct answer.  10 point bonus if you do not look at the options of st...

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