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My thoughts and ramblings on the real estate industry and how we've gotten into the pickle of being among the nation's most UNtrusted professions!
I'm going to pose a situation to you and ask for your honest feedback as to how you would respond if this situation were presented to you.  Sometime in the next year, my husband and I will be selling our home and buying a new one. Since I'm not licensed in the state of Florida (and have no desire...
Last Thursday we did a show in the SWS Virtual Studio called "Are You an RCHB?"  Um... huh? What on earth is an RCHB and why might you care to be one (or not)? Well, RCHB stands for "Reasonably Competent Human Being" and the context is whether or not we give the people we know and the people we m...
Several years ago in the early days of SWS, I was standing in the shower (when the most brilliant epiphanies tend to occur), talking to myself about what it takes to inspire the people you know and the people you meet to trust you with their real estate business and referrals if they've never ha...
As we often do, after last week's "SOI for Advanced Practitioners" show I collected feedback from the audience as to their "Favorit-est Tip(s)" from the show. Below are the results. If you'd like to read more about what the show was about, you can do that here, but in a nut, we discussed various ...
I want you to take moment... next time you have a free one... and think about something that's bothering you. Something that's worrying you, that's keeping you awake at night, that's always on your mind and bringing you down. I'm guessing it's pretty easy to do, huh? Not too many of us suffer fro...
This Thursday, July 19th, I'm doing a teleseminar show in the SWS Virtual Studio about running a Sphere of Influence (SOI) based business (see below to register). Not that I haven't talked on this subject a time or two (or 100), but for this upcoming show, I wanted to tackle it from a different d...
As professional real estate agents, one of the most important duties of our job is to properly price our listings for market. Getting listings is one thing, selling them is another. Sure, it’s fun to see your name on a sign in a yard, but yard signs don’t pay the bills. There is a right way to pr...
Did a neat little show earlier this week in the SWS Virtual Studio called "Creating a Low-Drama Real Estate Business!" You can read more about it here.   As we often do during SWS Teleseminars, I asked the audience to tell me what their favorit-est tip from the show was - what they learned that m...
Does your real estate business seem to be one catastrophe after another? Phone call after phone call; email after email; text message after text message with unsolvable problems to solve? Unhappy people to the left of you; incompetents to the right - all wanting to blame you for their troubles? H...
I was listening to some ho-hum non-real estate-specific sales training seminar a few weeks ago – don’t know why I was listening to it, considering it was as ho-hum as they come; maybe I was subconsciously looking for material to blog about! And voila! I found something! During the seminar, the sp...

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