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In the comments on my post yesterday about What to Do (and not do) on Facebook, Robert Hicks mentioned that he "gets a little too political" in his Facebook conversations and implied that he might need to tone it down. I have some thoughts on the matter... I hope you don't mind if I share...I lea...
Last week we did a show in the SWS Virtual Studio about Facebook... some Simple Do's and Don'ts for real estate agents who want to take advantage of the Power of Facebook to build their businesses. As I often do at the end of the show, I asked the audience to share their favorite tip or tips fro...
Short version. If it feels icky, don't do it!  Patricia Kennedy’s October Challenge asks: “If you are an Oldie, think back on your own career. Write a post about the very best advice you got that could help a rookie become a rock star.”     First off, I am not sure what being a rock star really m...
Everyone asks how they can market their real estate careers (or other small business) on Facebook, and there are plenty of "consultants" out there eager to show you how to do that with fancy graphics, well-placed keywords, custom apps and strategic posts.But it really doesn't have to be that comp...
To conclude (?) this week's series on Drip Mail Campaigns (to drip or not to drip?) here are some thoughts on communicating with people who find you online - affectionately known as "web leads." ***I had a nice conversation the other day with a newer agent who called me looking for help managing ...
Earlier this week I posted a blog asking the question "if YOU were a potential seller, would you be impressed that an agent took the ... ahem... 'time' to put you on an automated email campaign?" with the promise to return and elaborate on my statement that "Professionals Don't Need Drips."Let me...
A few years ago I wrote a blog called "Professionals Don't Need Scripts" where I pontificated on my strongly held opinion that someone who is an expert in their field (or even reasonably competent) should not have to (or want to) rely on scripts when interacting with clients or potential clients....


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