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My thoughts and ramblings on the real estate industry and how we've gotten into the pickle of being among the nation's most UNtrusted professions!



Last Thursday, we did a show in the SWS Virtual Studio called "It Really IS That Simple - Low-Tech Ways To Build Your Business with SOUL." The gist of the show was that while gizmos and gadgets and programs and systems are fine and dandy and fun and interesting, success in a real estate business ...
Yesterday, I spokeĀ at the Northern Virginia Association of Realtor's annual convention - the theme of which is: "Let's Get Personal - There's NO App for that!" It was so nice meeting so many of my Northern VA/MD/DC readers! Thanks for your support! Okay, so how is that relevant to our next SWS Te...
To continue my series on "Real Estate Consulting: Sounds Interesting, But It Will Never Catch on..." today's subject is the concern that "No one will pay for services they can get for free elsewhere!" A common misunderstanding about real estate consulting, specifically surrounding the practice of...

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