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My thoughts and ramblings on the real estate industry and how we've gotten into the pickle of being among the nation's most UNtrusted professions!



Just a quick announcement of our SWS show this week... we're doing it specifically for IXACT Contact users, but even if you use a different contact management system or are considering signing up for one, it might be worth an hour or so of your time to attend. We're going to do a show-n-tell webi...
MARCH 16TH, 2012 As promised earlier this week, today's the day for the SWSConnect Scavenger Hunt. And it begins... NOW! Here are the rules. Below are ten questions, the answers to which can be found on at the all new SWSConnect ( You MUST be registered and logged into SWSConn...
This blog was originally posted in mid-2007, but in honor of my own Scavenger Hunt scheduled for this Friday morning, I thought I'd run it again... all the way through to learn more about how to enter the 2012 SWSConnect Scavenger Hunt! ___________________________ Announce Your Website w...
Yesterday I read yet another (ho hum) article about how important it is for real estate agents to remember that their primary obligation (to whom?) is to prospect for new business. Every day. Before they do anything else.  Blech.  This attitude literally nauseates me. The article went on to say t...
Last fall, I was talking with an agent about our coaching program here at SWS. She was interested in hiring me to help her work through some of her business-related challenges such as choosing a contact management system, creating and implementing transaction checklists, setting goals; basically...

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