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"What's the best way to get my name out there?" I hear this question a lot. Agents, particularly newer ones, ask it wanting to know how they can best spread the word that they're open for business. Usually, they're looking for advice on the best places to advertise - should they take out an ad in...
'Twas the Night Before Christmascompliments of Dennis Giannetti, SWS's new best friend 'Twas the night before ChristmasAnd all through the marketThe agents were thinkingJust how could they spark itWith shorts sales and lowballsWith banks and sparse buyersThe agents did clamorWill this market go h...
Did the last SWS Teleseminar of the year on Thursday morning. The topic? Ho hum... Business Planning. Sorta. We didn't go into the nuts and bolts of creating a business plan; it was more of a philosophical discussion of what you might want to think about in planning for the new year in hopes of m...
The other day, someone sent me to a website to check out - they thought I'd enjoy the company's philosophy on prospecting for business. Well, I got to the site and it was nothing but videos. Page after page after page of videos. As far as I could see there was no written material on the site any...
Ho, hum, yet another end-of-year show about business planning. Enough already with business plans - I know I need to do one, so leave me alone to do it! But wait. Do you really NEED to do a business plan? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on your personality and preference. Some of us function just fi...
A few months ago, I saw a post on a real estate forum that made me LOL. ROTLMAO actually. And ask myself - seriously? Seriously? The thread was extolling the virtues of high-octane cold-calling. Serious cold-calling. Cold-calling to the tune of several hundred (yes, hundred) calls a day (yes, a d...
On Wednesday evening, we had a fantastic discussion (if I do say so myself) in the SWS Studio about succeeding in real estate without selling your soul. In other words - doing it YOUR way, using methods and strategies that feel good, feel right and don't feel, um, icky! It can be done - in fact,...
Pretty much everyone agrees that one's sphere of influence can be a great source of business. But lots of agents hesitate when it comes time to actually implement a sphere of influence campaign - they don't know how to take the first step without coming across as phony or even mercenary. I mean,...
A few months ago, an agent wrote to me saying something like - "I love your book and I can't wait until I'm successful enough to be able to do things the Sell with Soul way. Until then, I guess I'll have to keep doing all the Old School things my broker tells me to do."No, no, no! You...
"I don't want to work with my sphere of influence, I'd rather work with strangers!" As the self-proclaimed Master of All Things SOI, I hear this a lot. Agents write to me (and occasionally call) to tell me why they don't wanna sell real estate for or to their spheres of influence. They explain t...

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