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My Soul Sista' Susan knocks this one outta the park! This is exactly how I feel... buyers work with me (or you) because they WANT to which'll keep 'em more loyal than any piece of paper signed under duress ever will. How do you make them WANT to? BE a great real estate agent who knows her stuff, ...
I ran this blog last year on this day at this time... and since I don't seem to have anything mo' betta to say this morning, I'll just say what I said again! A Ridiculously Easy Way to Charm Your Sphere of Influence Today Today you'll probably gets lots of Happy Thanksgiving ecards in your inbox...
Funny - yesterday I posted a blog about getting contact information from open house visitors that ended with a "stay tuned for the next episode" teaser... and got slammed with "I'm doing an open house this weekend, please tell me what to do" notes. Okay, okay, okay. I hope I didn't overpromise in...
A few months ago, I had a conversation with a newer agent about maximizing the effectiveness of her open houses. By "effectiveness," of course, she meant gathering as many names, numbers and email addresses as she could during her three-hour stints on Sunday afternoons.She was frustrated (mostly...
The other day an agent who is going thru my Savvy Prospector, Eight Weeks to a Full Pipeline for Life program emailed me to ask "Jennifer, did you really DO all this stuff when you were selling real estate?" He asked because the Savvy Prospector (which helps agents build a sphere of influence bu...
Ho hum, yet another spammer on Active Rain posted a silly comment on an old blog promoting her essay writing service or some other nonsense. Yeah, like I (or my readers) am/are going to rush right out and hire her because she posted an obviously inappropriate comment on a two-year-old blog. I hav...
It's been a year and a half since we had Broker Bryant Tutas in the SWS Virtual Studio to talk about one of his favorite(?) subjects - the short sale! We're definitely past due to have him back on to update us on what's new and exciting(?) in the wonderful(?) world of the short sale.  Broker Bry...
I recently made the executive decision to throw my Palm Pre Smart Phone out the window (okay, not literally, but I was tempted) and go back to having two devices - a simple LG flip phone (that WORKS) and a Blackberry Curve (that WORKS)! Yes, I will now have two mobile phone bills every month (alt...
As you may know, my mom died a few months ago. It's a rite of passage we all go through, I suppose. When someone dies, there are immediate details to take care of. And these details must be attended to right away, regardless of whether it's convenient or even bearable to deal with them. Even as y...
Have you considered adding "Become a Neighborhood Specialist" to your 2011 business plan? To establish yourself as the Go-To Guy or Gal in your favorite neighborhood, subdivision or market area? Good for you! Being a master of a particular market is a fantastic way to attract business, not to me...

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