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I teach real estate agents how to sell more real estate. Go, me. A lot of my teachings emphasize a Quality over Quantity approach as opposed to the Good Old Numbers Game - in other words, treat your clients and prospects as if they're special to you; as if their business is really important to y...
With all the doom and gloom in the real estate market, what's this about being able to actually even SELL a home, much less sell it in fewer than two months? Seriously? Yep, seriously. If a buyer exists* for a listing, it is possible to sell a house in a relatively short timeframe. But it's not ...
Had a fantastic show last night in the SWS Virtual Studio on the subject of Time Management for Real Estate Agents. I wasn't really expecting a huge turn-out - after all, managing your time is not nearly as sexy a topic as real estate commissions, sphere of influence marketing or prospecting to ...
As you may know, our "Do You Have Too Much Time On Your Hands? Yeah, Right! show was canceled last week due to a last minute family emergency. All's well now, so we're gonna give it another shot TONIGHT. If you were already registered for last week's show, you don't need to re-register... if you...
If you hang out here much, you know how I feel about the traditional numbers game of prospecting, specifically cold-calling. Blech. A business model based on being rejected far more often than you're welcomed and calling it a game? Blech. I don't think anyone who cold-calls imagines that his or ...
It's a never-ending debate as to whether or not to include a photo on a real estate agent's business card. Some say yes; some say no (duh, that's the definition of a debate!). Although it's interesting, when you ask the question in a public forum, I've noticed that most answer in the negative, e...
I just went through my mailing list of several thousand. Well, I didn't go through all several thousand; just the names of the people who aren't getting my emails because I'm being blocked by their email server. Because I just kicked off my Prospecting with Soul Workshop, and it's a paid program...
A few weeks ago, I started writing about the Go-Giver real estate agent - how we in our industry can apply Go-Giver principles to our business. To read earlier posts, see the links at the bottom of this blog! Here's a quote from the introduction to "Go-Givers Sell More" by Bob Burg and John David...
Where does the time go? If I only had more time... There are only so many hours in the day... There's never enough time... So... do you struggle with managing your time? With getting to everything (or even most things) on your to-do list? Do you feel out of control most of the time? Join the clu...
  The Prospecting with Soul (PWS) Workshop kicks off Monday, September 13th. In case you haven't heard of it, it's a six-week group workshop where agents who want to Sell with Soul will gather together online and venture out into the world to Prospect with, um, Soul. The goal? To fill up those p...

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