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In keeping with this week's theme of respecting your buyers enough to let them evaluate their housing options, even if it means - gasp! - being patient while they try on different styles, locations, amenities and floor plans, here's a wonderful blog on the subject by one of my favorite SWS'ers, H...
On Wednesday evening, Loreena Yeo joined me in the SWS Studio to talk with me (and a few hundred of y'all*) about "Pricing it Right - Helping Your Seller See the Light!" Well, I graciously let Loreena go first, thinking I'd get *my* turn soon, but it wasn't to be. Not that Loreena was a micropho...
I'm going to steal a page from the Broker Bryant rulebook and dredge up an old post from the distant past. In fact, what follows is one of my very first posts here on Active Rain, but I was inspired to re-post today it by Susan Haughton's excellent post on the same topic...  Besides I only got 8 ...
Got a google alert this morning about an article that was just posted 'bout me in the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors' newsletter. I rather like it, so I thought I'd share... Sphere Includes More Than Friends and Family Tuesday, July 27, 2010 By Kim Shindle Working a "sphere of influence" bu...
Pricing it Right - Helping Your Seller See the Light! (A free teleseminar at Sell with Soul) REGISTER FOR THE SHOW HERE Pricing is tough enough in today's market (well, any market really), but sometimes the most difficult part of getting a listing priced right is convincing your seller you know w...
I read an article today that said... ... well, wait a minute. These days, you can find an article that says pretty much anything you want it to say. I get that. So as I paraphrase from this article, please be assured that I realize it's only one man's (or woman's) opinion and that there are a gaz...
In mid-May, I spoke at the F.C. Tucker CE Extravaganza in Indianapolis. I was one of four speakers who each delivered a 2-hour CE-approved presentation on a topic (hopefully) of interest to the crowd of 250 or so real estate agents. The first speaker of the day was Michael Russer - aka Mr. Inter...
In early June, we (expired-listings-god Borino and I) held a teleseminar in the SWS Virtual Studio about Soulfully Prospecting to Expired Listings. Our goal was to assure agents who Sell with Soul that they can, indeed, succeed with expireds without resorting to pushy, cheesy or silly tactics an...
There's a thought that's been rolling around in my head the last few weeks. And I am going to proclaim right here, right now, on July 12, 2010, that I believe this thought will be the prevailing opinion soon, although many probably won't agree with me today.  What's my thought? Thanks for asking...
Following up on yesterday's blog about making sure your prospecting goals are compatible with your business model (in a nut, don't set goals that will force you to sacrifice your quality of service, if providing quality service is important to you)... The agent who inspired yesterday's blog is f...

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