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I rarely write about politics. Mostly because I don't care about politics. I'm clueless about politics. I've never attended a City Council meeting and I have no idea who my state representatives are. Put me in front of the TV during a political debate and I'll be asleep in minutes. I'm just not i...
I live on the Gulf Coast, but I don't sell real estate here. I'm wondering if anyone else is, either. Selling real estate, that is. It's kind of hard to imagine that buyers wouldn't be skittish and hesitant to invest in an area that is pretty much Ground Zero for the "worst environmental disaste...
An acupuncturist who also sells Pre-Paid Legal Services memberships... A sales trainer who also distributes organic chocolate bars... A land development consultant who also sells purified water machines... A real estate agent who also sells beauty products... I'm seeing more and more of this. Fri...
"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~  Dr. Seuss In April, I did a teleseminar called "Don't Be Dorky, Be YOU!" which was about how to write interesting, relevant and non-cheesy content for your self-promotional material. Du...
There's a never-ending debate in our world about which buyers are worth spending time with... and which are not. Some proclaim that the only buyer business we should pursue is that which will likely lead to a closing within the next 60 days or so; others (myself included) don't mind spending time...
One of the toughest conversations for a real estate agent is the one where we talk to our seller prospects about how we're paid. Oh, some of us are more comfortable with it than others, but even the most experienced, seemingly confident agents struggle with the topic at times. And newer agents a...
I have a dozen blogs about real estate saved in draft mode, all ready to go here on AR, but this week I'm in a mood to talk about oil. Yesterday I posted "Give BP a Break!" and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of support I received for my opinion that it's time to stop bashing BP and join t...
I live on the Gulf of Mexico. Pensacola Beach to be exact, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, as far as I'm concerned. I waited almost 43 years to fulfill my dream of living on the beach and just mere months into my dream-coming-true, this sh!t happens. So, believe me, I'm a...
In the last week, I've been contacted by three (or was it four?) aspiring real estate agents who began the conversation with some variation of the words "I know you don't approve of selling real estate part-time, but..." and proceeded to tell me why I might consider "approving" of their situatio...
A few weeks ago, there was a bunch of hoopla on the local Florida TV stations about a $40M+ bill passed to help the Florida Tourism Department advertise to the world that our beaches are still pristine and oil-free. In fact, I was enjoying a Bushwacker at AJ's in Destin during the filming of one...

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