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I'm on a roll. Late last week, I posted a blog about the worst open house I've ever visited; today's Worst Of topic is a sales-pitch I recently received via email. Here it is, in all its glory... Dear Jennifer, Okay, I'm at the end of my rope. Either you just can't recognize a great offer when yo...
Let me set the stage... Last week I was in Arizona speaking at the Tucson Festival of Books, and afterwards visiting my sister who lives there. On Sunday, we went to a Cactus League game and then to an art show. I'd forgotten to eat and we'd been out and about since mid-morning, so by the time we...
Back in 2007, I wrote one of my most popular (and deservedly so, she says modestly) blogs ever. In fact, this one blog has brought more real estate agents to my website than any other, and continues to attract new souls to my midst on an almost daily basis. I'm referring, of course, to the classi...
I stumbled onto this blog by accident and love it! I especially like the part about us NOT talking if we don't know what we're talking about. But if WE do know our stuff... you can be sure we're RIGHT. Can Introverts Survive a Career in Real Estate (or Any Sales Field for That Matter?):  Before ...
In January, I posted a blog about a phone call interview I had with REALTOR Magazine about "Cold-Calling in the Age of the Do Not Call list." I thought I had some wise things to say, but truly didn't think any of it would be printed since I'm pretty much clueless about anything to do with cold-c...
I was sitting in my Tucson hotel room over the weekend, reading through the complimentary Tucson Lifestyle Magazine generously provided by my hosts at the Tucson Festival of Books where I spoke on Saturday. An ad catches my eye. Oh, there's nothing special about the ad, but it got me thinking (do...
Picking up from yesterday's blog about my agent friend Sam who was referred to a seller who "has a friend who will list it cheap," let's talk about how Sam should handle the whole issue of commission, knowing that his competition is in all likelihood going to charge less. The question I signed of...
Got a question yesterday from an agent who was referred to a potential seller by an acquaintance.  However, the acquaintance warned the agent (let's call him Sam) that the seller has a "friend who will list the house really cheap," so Sam may not have a chance at procuring the listing. Sam asked...
I can't tell you how many letters I've gotten recently from good agents who are quietly considering throwing in the towel on their real estate career - NOT because they can't drum up enough business, but rather because they can't keep the business they've drummed up together. In other words - th...

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