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Yesterday I promised to share some ideas to become a Master of Your Market so you can capture more of that business that crosses your path in your day-to-day wanderings! First, if it's customary to "preview" in your market, do that. A lot. (If previewing IS customary in your market, you might be ...
Picking up from yesterday's installment of things you can do TODAY to ensure a Happy Next Year, today's topic is how becoming a Master of Your Market can get you business.   First, what does being a "Master of your Market" mean? To me it means that if someone tells me where they live, I get a men...
Baaaad Jennifer. A few weeks ago, I threatened to write a series of blogs entitled "Pipeline 2010" where I'd share some thoughts on what you could (and should) be doing today to ensure a Happy Next Year. And then I totally dropped the ball. I got distracted and left y'all hanging. I hope you were...
I've been doing a lot of referring these days. Both of my own leads to other Denver-area agents, and also coordinating agent-to-agent referrals around the country (see below if you wanna play, too!). I'm seeing some distinct differences in how my referrals are handled by the refer-ee, and I tell ...
From time to time I post a blog about the abysmal state of rookie real estate training in America. Here's one - Just What a Rookie Real Estate Agent Needs: CHARM School! Here's another. "Good for you, Let me know if you need anything" And another. New Real Estate Agents - Put DOWN that Phone! Do ...

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