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Some of you might remember my little rant last month about how a Realty Times article of mine was (very poorly) rewritten and then released to and "featured" in their newsletter. I was ticked off, to put it mildly and considered terminating my relationship with Realty Times over it. W...
Many moons ago, I had a Money Tree in my back yard. At least, it seemed as if I did. I was married to a successful lawyer, I had a thriving real estate career, I bought and sold houses for profit and when I needed a little financial fix, I could tap into the equity of any one of several investmen...
*SOI = Sphere of Influence = People Who Know You "How can I prospect to first time buyers?"     "How can I meet newly married people?"          "How can I get my name in front of divorcing couples?"               "How can I market to renters?"                        And even...                   ...
This is more of a personal rant 'cause I rarely run into this problem in business matters... but ah well... it's Sunday morning and I'm sort of on vacation for a few days, so here goes... If you call me and don't leave a message... don't expect a return call. If I'm not important enough to spend ...
Most agent training programs insist that Selling Real Estate is a Numbers Game - that is, in order to bring in enough business to keep the home fires burning, you have to touch as many people as you can with your name & number. The more people you touch, the better your chances of procuring a bu...
Got super-meme'd SEVEN times in the last two weeks...  So, it's Wednesday afternoon and I just went roller-blading and on my way to the dog park, but I s'pose I can fulfill my civic duty and answer the questions... (be warned, I'm going to keep this short - the dogs are staring at me longingly - ...
Dear Friends, I've been Super MeMe'd at least seven times in the last week and I'm flattered that so many people have thought of me! I just wanted y'all to know that I haven't done it yet because...well... I just haven't been in the mood. That's how writing is, isn't it? Some days the words flow....

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