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My thoughts and ramblings on the real estate industry and how we've gotten into the pickle of being among the nation's most UNtrusted professions!



Email can be veddy, veddy efficient. Yet... email can also be veddy, veddy inefficient. I've been trying to get together with a old friend for two weeks now. We have a very close, loving email relationship - but we've rarely talked on the phone ‘cause neither of us seems to be much good at it. We...
I was approached a few weeks ago by an agent asking my opinion on starting up a "green" real estate company - that is - a company that uses recycled products, provides information on environmentally-friendly alternatives and knows where the Built Green properties are in his marketplace. Hmmmmm. O...
Last night, I went to 24-Hour Fitness to meet a girlfriend of mine for Power Yoga. I don't belong to 24-Hour Fitness, but she assured me I could get a 24-day free membership. Cool.Well, of course, in order to get my free membership card, I had to sit through a sales pitch. I HATED it and y'know w...
It's amazing how different our markets are... For example, in your market, do you...... have a showing service or does the listing agent set his/her own showings?... as a listing agent, attend showings?... preview listings (that is, set appts to look at listed homes without a buyer)?... use elect...
We're having a lively discussion over on my private SOI Blog Forum about the "best" way to do a listing presentation. The reason it's up for discussion is that many of us work primarily with people we already know (our SOI's), and feel kind of silly doing a formal sales presentation for them. Wel...


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