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My thoughts and ramblings on the real estate industry and how we've gotten into the pickle of being among the nation's most UNtrusted professions!



Have you ever known a real estate salesperson who succeeds in spite of himself? He's sloppy, he's careless, he neglects to return his phone calls and he's always late? His listing presentation consists of an unorganized last-minute print-out from the MLS, handed to him by his assistant as he runs...
Does your spouse confidently and cheerfully refer you to everyone he knows who has a real estate need? Yes? Good for you! You can move onto the next blog on your list. You don't need me today! But if you answered "no," do you know why he or she doesn't? Do you know the real reason? Neither do I. ...
Yesterday, I wrote a blog.... about a reasonably good excuse to contact your clients from years past. You can read it here if you wanna. It's just about checking in with your clients at the five year anniversary of their real estate transaction with you.Anyway, my good friendĀ Allen Wright comment...
First, thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on my blog earlier this week entitled "Where'd My MoJoGo?" where I bemoaned the fact that I have writer's block. My explanation was that I went from focusing on my audience (how can I HELP agents succeed?) to focusing on ME (Is what I'm writi...

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