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I have writer's block. Oh, I can bang out a blog or two without much angst, but anything more labor-intensive seems beyond my capacity right now. Unfortunately, I'm working on a brand new book and I've set some aggressive goals for myself (2,000-3,000 words a day which will have the book finished...
There's a section in Sell with Soul about the "7 Myths of a Real Estate Career." One of the myths I write about is that "Selling Real Estate is a Team Sport." Interestingly, the only criticism I've gotten for Sell with Soul (knock on wood) is for this particular section. I'm getting ready to fina...
I'm having fun today. I'm entering the contact information I got off of all the business cards I collected at the NAR convention. (Now, if YOU gave me a card, don't worry, I promise not to call you during dinner or otherwise pester you without your permission!) Are you asking yourself why on eart...
Wish I could take credit for this one, but I can't... so I won't. Scott Larson, a fellow introvert, sent this idea to me and suggested I pass it on to my Ntro friends (although anyone, even you outgoing, charming, charismatic Xtro-types would probably get a kick out of it too).It's called a Banne...
There's a new group in town... specifically for those who want to rev up their Sphere of Influence (SOI) campaigns for the new year, or simply take some of the hassle-factor out of their current efforts...The Active Rain Blog Exchange is an Invitation-Only group that requires members to contribut...
I have an idea. I need some material for my SOI newsletter. Not all real-estate-related as most of my SOI aren't in the real estate market on a regular basis. I want my newsletter to be special, of course, not the same old stuff you can buy anywhere on the web for $19.95/month.So here's what I'm ...
Hey there, my beloved AR Friends!Happy Day after Thanksgiving!!! I remember during my full-time sales days when I SO looked forward to Thanksgiving Day (and Christmas Day), not only for the food, presents, love & laughter, but because they were the TWO days out of the year that I could pretend to...
I'm just now catching up on my AR reading from my week in Las Vegas.I loved Faina Sechzer's featured blog comparing the service one receives at the Ritz to the service one might receive from his or her real estate agent. I love analogies and this one was so dead-on - I can't say enough good about...
Home. It's a beautiful word. My own bed, my own dogs, my own office. So glad to be HOME. My first NAR convention has come and gone. I spent six months of my life preparing for (and, frankly, dreading) the event, with no idea what to expect. Lost lots and lots of sleep, spent lots and lots of mone...
Last fall, I wrote a book specifically for the NAR convention called: 74 Ways to Sell Your Listings in Today's Market. But after it went to press, I slapped myself in the head because there's one topic I didn't cover in the book and I should have.  So, I'll address it here.  The question I didn't...

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