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My thoughts and ramblings on the real estate industry and how we've gotten into the pickle of being among the nation's most UNtrusted professions!



Rumor has it that real estate agents have a higher than normal divorce rate. Why? This career can take over your life, physically, financially and emotionally. Physically, you will be Missing-in-Action frequently, often without notice. Financially, you may be dipping into the family nest-egg to k...
Don't be afraid to throw money at a problem to make it go away.I call this the Open Checkbook Policy. If you've read Sell with Soul, you're already familiar with it. The Open Checkbook Policy means that you, as a buyer or seller representative, are willing to throw money at a problem to make it g...
It was a dark night... on a dark road... on a Saturday night in Dale County, Alabama. We're driving home from the Sony employee picnic... My DBF Kenny suddenly slams on the brakes. Out in front of us are puppies... 3... 4... more? Playing in the road.   Fast forward half an hour... we have SEVEN ...
What's on your to-do list today? While it probably doesn't look much like mine (since you're likely a real estate agent and I'm a real estate writer), I bet you, like me, have a long list of items that, if were all marked off by 5pm, would make you feel gooooood.Sage advice for us self-employed t...
We real estate agents long to be respected by the general public. We ache to be considered as worthy of acclaim as our CPA, MD and JD friends. We fuss among ourselves when our clients appear to disrespect our time, our knowledge or, worse, our gasoline. We claim that even though doctors and lawye...


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