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My thoughts and ramblings on the real estate industry and how we've gotten into the pickle of being among the nation's most UNtrusted professions!



I was cleaning out old files this morning and came across this little blurb I wrote years ago and used in my listing presentations. If you like it... feel free to use it!  What does a Real Estate Agent DO for all that money?Many people think that the main reason you hire a real estate agent is fo...
Okay, so I'm reading my latest edition of the Broker/Agent News. Came upon an article by Dirk Zeller entitled "The Four Pillars of Prospecting." Well, I never prospected much (Thank you, SOI!), but now that I'm a writer and consultant, I figure it's good to learn how the other half works.  Tip 1:...
Reverse psychology works. I know it does.I'm no expert (well, maybe I am, after all, I have a minor in Psychology from Southwest Missouri State University, are you impressed?), but as a student of life, I've seen it happen time and again. Specifically in two important arenas of my life... Love......
If you don't work with buyers on a regular basis, you don't have the expertise to accurately price homes for market. Many experienced agents snottily declare that they Don't Work With Buyers - they only handle listings and hire buyer agents to show homes. I know a few agents in my area who are hu...
Okay, this may be a very unpopular opinion... or maybe not. I want to know!Something occurred to me yesterday... I'm currently recording my book (Sell with Soul) onto audio so I can distribute it as an audio book. When I come to sections in the book where there is a graphic or a text box, I ALWAY...
Buyers can be hard to nail down and you'll hear agents talk about the "Buyers Are Liars" phenomenon. It's a phrase usually used in frustration either when an agent loses a buyer or when he's at his wit's end showing homes that the buyer says work for her, but don't inspire her to make an offer. I...
As many of you know, I'm really "into" SOI. I think it's the only long-term business strategy that makes sense, especially if you'd like to relax a bit down the road. But anyway, I'm putting together an online course on SOI and need to gather information on other contact management systems (CMS's...
...Continued from Being Up-Front with Our Sellers, Part II The Condition of the PropertyJust last week, I had a conversation with a young man who is putting his house on the market. The home is tenant-occupied and shows poorly, which he acknowledges. However, he has photos of the home taken when ...

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