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Where I share my experiences over the past 20+ years with buying and selling real estate (personally and professionally)...../.....My #1 goal is help my clients make informed decisions based off their needs. You need an agent that has your best interests in mind, not theirs..../.....Remember...If you want to sell your Maricopa home or buy a home in Maricopa, you need a local Maricopa Agent who understands our great town.
  How well do you stay in touch with your past customers and clients? I know for me, this is probably the weakest part of my business. Is it due to being an introvert? Is it due to being very busy? Is it due to poor processes in place?  In my case, I have a feeling that it is a combination of all...
Maricopa Unified School District Schools  Maricopa has both Public Schools and Private Schools.  The Maricopa Public Schools are located within a subdivision and the Maricopa Private Schools are just on the outskirts of a subdivision but still close enough for those walking.  Below you will find ...
Your View Point Might Be Hurting You Ability to Resolve In real estate, it seems that we are always running into problems. It is rare that a deal goes through without some type of hiccup. There are agents that can’t handle these problems and others handle them extremely well. So, what is the diff...
Grow Your Local Small Business Staying Being True to Who You Are With so many ways to grow your real estate business, no wonder so many newer agents never gain any traction or know where to start.   Recently on my podcast, I discussed a question I get all the time. New agents or agents with littl...
 I want to thank everyone that has stopped by my last post Kicking Butt in 2017 - All Due to a Positive Mindset  and left comments. I have loved reading them! To hear from so many of you that being positive has been critical to not only your sales but your sanity and outlook on life has been insp...
How a Positive Mindset Can Create a Wealth of Business On January 1st, I made a decision that I was going to have a positive mindset not only in life, but also business. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very optimistic person. However, I realized last year, that there were times I let a negative mindset...
I Bet Most of You Own Your Job Recently on my podcast - The Local Small Business Coach - I discussed how so many of us small business owners (and yes, as a Realtor, you are a small business owner) really don't own a business, we just own our job.  For many agents and other types of small business...
What You Can Learn from Other Businesses  On my new Podcast, The Local Small Business Coach, I did an episode last week that talked about the three ways for you to increase your sales in your small business. I got to thinking later on, that this actually played out in our real estate world as wel...
Each night I sit in my chair, laptop on my lap and try and get some work done while I catch up on some TV shows.   Well last night as I was watching The Blacklist, one of my Yorkies, Upton, decided it was time for me to stop working and pay attention to him.  So he just crawled right up and decid...
 Let’s talk about 5 ways in which our Ego can get in the way of our business’s success Do you hate the word ego? I know some of you may have even cringed when I said your ego might get in the way of your business. I know I would have.  After all, don’t we like to think that we are above that type...

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Where I share my experiences over the past 25+ years with buying and selling real estate (personally and professionally) ~~~
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