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A Reverse mortgage HECM program allows many people, who own their own home and are age 62 or older, to draw on  the  equity  money from their home value. The homeowners are not obligated  to make any monthly payments as long as they or their surviving spouse live in the house or die. You can disp...
If your financial life now is perfect, then in my opinion you don’t need a reverse mortgage at all. But if you are in the same boat as many of us, and If you haven't set up your HECM line of credit now, a couple of years from now you may not be able to obtain a line of credit  for an amount you a...
The idea of Reverse mortgage basically is- converting your equity in your home into an income flow, until you and your spouse are no longer, or have moved out the house.During this time period you make no mortgage payments.  But interest accrues on all the  amounts you have taken out.  At the end...
Whether you’re a first-time buyer/seller or you’ve undertaken it all before, a real estate transaction can be a complicated and stressful experience. If you're thinking of buying/selling a home, you're probably a bit overwhelmed by the idea of it all.  If you are buying, you have to think about w...
The New York Times recently ran an article regarding unemployment titled: Don’t Cheer Too Soon. Keep an Eye on the Core Jobless Rate. The piece suggests we should look at unemployment numbers somewhat differently. The author of the article, Jed Kolko, is a well-respected economist who is currentl...
  A recent survey by Lending Tree tapped into behaviors of over 1,000 prospective buyers. The results indicated 53% of all homebuyers are more likely to buy a home in the next year, even amid the current health crisis. The survey further revealed why, naming several reasons buyers are more likely...
 A couple a months ago we were concerned about how long it will take people to come back again to the market. Now people have started to come back and beat expectations that experts had predicted. A survey conducted by WSJ reports 83% of the Economists they surveyed say the recovery has already c...
  As the health crisis started making its way throughout our country earlier this spring, sellers have been cautious about putting their homes on the market. This hesitation stemmed primarily from fear of the spread of the coronavirus, and understandably so. This abundant caution has greatly impa...
  With more U.S. states reopening for business this summer, and as people start to return to work, we can expect the economy to begin improving. Most expert forecasts indicate this economic recovery will start to happen in the second half of this year. As we get back to work and the financial lan...
This is the recipe I have used in my college years when I was living by myself. Meatloaf made with very lean beef or even ground turkey is a great source of protein and in right proportions a great meal. A typical beef meatloaf contains about 230 to 330 calories per 4-ounce serving. More moisture...

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