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Joeann Fossland is going to be in Hawaii teaching ePro... She'll be teaching on all Islands from May 27th (Kona) to June 29 (Honolulu).  Take a vacation.  Join others who want to enhance their technology skills at Joeann's ePro workshop.   Sign up:   http://eventcalendar.internetcrusade.com/Index...
  $75 annual pass (all the classes over a period of 1 yr from date of issue) or $25/class   how2educate Calendar    To register:  email kathy@how2educate.com        No phone reservations   March   Next Exit…the Future  3 hrs General  Thursday 3-11  1:30-4:30 From Stefan Swanepoel’s Trends Report ...
Yesterday I had an opportunity to meet with Sedona's Committee for Public input on Additional Dwelling Units.  Knowing that there are many people who are renting out a guest house on their property even though it is illegal to do so at this time, I wanted to attend the meeting to give my support ...
Your Sellers want to sell and the Buyers want to buy...so how do we get together in this economic time??? In past down markets, seller/creative financing was the vehicle, but in today's world are we able to find ways other than traditional loans to put together a buyer and a seller? Does your sta...
This is a bit long but it really did have a great message and might recharge your jets.  It did mine!!http://newsgeni.us/interviewpopup.php?link_id=273  Kathy Howehow2sedona real estate / how2educate LLC  Sedona, AZ 
I really thought I would get more response when I put up the info about Gateway but only one of you has responded.  Do I get the impression that this information is coming at a time when many of you are wondering how it would be different from REALTOR.com?  Reading the posts tells me that some li...
The cat is finally out of the bag.  NAR's Gateway is almost a reality.  What is Gateway?  What it is not is a replacement for REALTOR.com.  What it will be is a national MLS.  For those of us who were around for RIN, which was NAR's first MLS undertaking (falling short before publication), we are...
Many of us in Arizona are seeing large numbers of agents thinking about going inactive.  How about your area?  It is guessed that in some smaller communities the loss of membership could be as much as 1/3.  While we are seeing sales, and sales that are bringing in good sales prices, they are in t...
Hi all:I just renewed my Broker's license and that of my company on-line recently.  The process took 10 minutes, I could pay by credit card, and it only cost $200.  In Arizona we renew now for a 4 year period, but still have to take 24 CE hours every 2 years. How does your state work? Kathy Howeh...
I returned from a conference in St. Louis:  The Real Estate Educators Association.  Oliver Frascona, Esq. was the Opening Speaker and also did a break-out class.  Having been a fan of his for years, I attended both, and bought his book:  "The Digital Paper Trail in Real Estate Transactions"  For ...

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