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Melissa explains beautifully in this blog, why Real Estate Staging Association is different from the rest. I could not have said it better myself, so please read on.Today I sat in the Home Matters office after teaching a segment of our SAR Home Staging Training class pondering the outline of a bl...
  This time of the year, many people buy and plant trees in their gardens. This way, the roots can get establish and will be ready for the spring.  As a home stager, I see lots of homes' drive or walk ways that have been so damaged because of the roots. This can be a problem when you're trying to...
  Pops of colors make a huge difference. They add excitement to any room and they make the MLS pictures to pop out online. it just needs to be used.    In home staging, we like to stick to a neutral color palette so that we can make the home that's for sale appeal to the broadest range of buyers....
Yes, those cold months are coming and we all need to prepare our homes. Wayne has made a wonderful to do list for all of us. Read the blog, there were couple of suggestions, that I didn't follow before.10 Simple Tips to Winterize Your Home Now that fall has almost ended, it's time to think ahead ...
  Did you know that eggplants can be a powerful marketing tool ? About a year ago, I stopped by a supermarket to pick up some items for dinner. While I was standing in the register line, I felt a poke on my back. When I turned around, I saw this elderly lady with completely white hair, red lipsti...
  I'm on the same page as Tessa Skeen with this blog. It's well written and everyone should read it and follow the advice.    Happened to be home when Oprah was on this afternoon. The topic was Makeunders. Women who needed less not more. But this also applies to homes. Nate Berkus did a room Make...
Tom Branch just hit the nail on the head with this blog. Thank you Tom. As a professional home stager in Seattle area, I also try to educate my clients by going over these points with them, before their houses go on the market. I get so excited when I find others on the same crusade. I hope more ...
Debe Maxwell is one of my favorite bloggers, an AR star. I could not have said this any better. This is a re-blog for all of those readers, who missed this blog first time around.   Homes Are Alot Like People...   ...TLC, a healthy diet and even a little surgery may be required!  As a former nurs...
I loved this post by Rene Fabre. It reminded me of my own childhood. I know there are more people out there having the similar experiences . This re-blog is for them.Grandma’s House… We moved from the Renton Highlands to the Earlington neighborhood in 1958. Grandma and Grandpa moved that same yea...
An inspirational blog and I think everybody who is selling their home should read this and then follow the advice.I'm a pack rat.  I live a cluttered life style.  I collect things, on purpose and inadvertently.  And I'm fine with it.  Because I'm not trying to sell my house!  But you shouldn't be...

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