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This lovely 3 bedroom 2 bathroom single family home boasts many great features. Upon arrival, you will first notice the beautifully landscaped front yard. As you walk in the house you will appreciate the homes open and spacious layout. With over 1,000 feet of heated and cooled living space you wi...
I'm looking for numerous unlisted, wholesale properties, preferably in the central Florida area. The price range I'm searching for is around the $80K range for each and they should need little to no rehab. If you own or have access to properties that meet this criteria please contact me here or 8...
People's lives are so busy today that they often don't take the time to consider the impact that decisions made by politicians have on their future and their children's future. Some say they're not interested in politics and others may simply feel that all that is happening within the political a...
  I'm a relatively new investor. I've been doing this for a couple of years but I came in when things were as simple as buy low, sell high. Any fool can do that, right? Well maybe, unless you got caught in the big plunge like some of us did. So with everyone losing their butts the next logical st...
  The heart of the American economy is the small business owner. While our government seems to think they can spend and tax their way out of debt, we, the small business owners know better than that. We know that to pay off debt, you have to make more money. How do you make more money? You create...
Let’s talk about a real “Change”. I don’t care who you elect, one person can only do so much. It is the mindset and the actions of the people in this country that can affect real “Change”. As long as we have people who sit around and expect to receive something for nothing and those who reward th...
This is an immaculate home located just outside of Orlando in Haines City on a golf course. The former home of Hall of Fame poker player, it includes such features as imported tile, upgraded appliances, eat in kitchen, indoor raquetball court, three fireplaces, a master bedroom equipped with thre...
  I heard someone say that the other day and laughed a little at first trying to understand why anyone would think investors are evil. Maybe because we profit from the loss of others on a regular basis? Perhaps its since we frequently use methodologies in our business dealings that others don’t u...
I have a listing of more than 80 short sales in numerous areas of South Florida including: Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, Lehigh Acres, Bonita Springs and Naples. Property listings include, Dupexes, Condos, Lots/Raw Land and Single Family Residences. All short sales are subject to the exi...
Did You Know..... That you can put a frog in water and slowly turn the heat up until it is boiling and the frog won't even notice? It will sit right there until it is dead. Did you know that with every administration that has passed, Republican or Democrat that the American people have lost more ...

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