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In SW Florida, especially close to the Gulf, the majority of our homes are built out of Cinder Block with Stucco as a finish (CBS). The first time I saw one of these being built I was very impressed.  There is a solid footer poured, a slab and then the blocks are put up.  Re-bar is put in the blo...
We just received the June stats from the local board and Lee County is doing very well!The median sale price of a single family home jumped more than 6% compared to June 2014, to $212,250.The median sale price for condos in Lee County increased 8.2% over June 2014, to $185,000.We also saw almost ...
One of the most beautiful palms in SW Florida is the Bismarckia Palm.  These palms come from Madagascar, where they grow just about everywhere!  The scientific name is Bismarckia Noblis.  The name Bismarckia is after the first chancellor of the German Empire, Otto von Bismarck.  The Noblis comes ...
I always thought that a palm tree was only for decoration, except for coconuts and dates.  How wrong was I?There are a lot of uses for Palm trees that I didn't realize.  Obviously we see the fronts being used in the making of thatched roofs.  However, every part of the palm tree, including the ro...
In continuing with the series on SW Florida Palm trees, we are going to take a look at Coconut Palms.  Coconut Palms come in two basic varieties, tall and dwarf.  The most common are the Jamaican Talls and Malayan Dwarfs.Although there are some commercial growers in Florida, most Coconut Palms ar...
When we get visitors in SW Florida we almost always get questions, and comments, about our foliage.  Our climate is pretty unique compared to the rest of the country, and we grow things here that will not grow in other places in the continental US.We had a gathering the other day at our home and ...
We have been working with a couple who have lived overseas for a number of years and now are moving back to the States.  They were wanting to view properties in our area, and up to about and hour and a half north of us.  They really wanted to move to Florida, and were going to be taking care of h...
I always make it a point to attend home inspections, for a couple of reasons.  One, I feel like it is my responsibility to do that, especially for a buyer.Second, I like to follow the inspectors around and learn from them!  I find it very helpful to know as much about construction and inspection ...
I was a bit taken back yesterday when the TV news told about the massive cleanup efforts after the 4th celebrations.  I realize that after any large gathering of people there will be some cleanup involved, but this seemed excessive!  Instead of cleaning up after themselves people just left everyt...
Well, it is the 4th of July and we will be showing property most of the day.  We have shown property on every major holiday, so this is nothing new.  It can certainly be challenging, however!We are showing property because the daughter of a friend came in town to look for a home, since she is get...

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