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This is the same as asking how much does a house cost?  A rate is useless until you attach a borrower, credit history and income and time-frame to it.  Every deal sings its own song and blurting out a rate is a disservice to a buyer. Take for example a recently quoted rate to a client with an imm...
 I hear many times you should re-finance when the difference in rate is 1% or better.  This is quite a broad statement.  There are so many reasons to refinance and rate is just one of them.  Expanding your loan balance to re-steructure your debt is  a better approach than just having a lower rate...
That's right, its the American Dream, take 2.  Short sale that home while making all payments on time! Yes, lenders are doing it.  Walk right in to a new property with a lower price and a lower rate.  Yes We Can.....get a new FHA mortgage and thanks to our great government the tax liability on th...

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