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We tend to focus more on math and sciences when it comes to education. Sometimes, we forget how important art is to a child's development. It also enhances everybody's life overall. Art exists to trigger a response. So, when art sparks a fond childhood memory, you know your day is only going to g...
Niche.com collects data on various cities all over the country. They compile this data in different "best of" lists. In 2020, they put Westfield in the top 10 of their Best Suburbs to Live in New Jersey list. (It is a little too early in the year to be releasing their 2021 list.) That actually mo...
With the winter weather blustering outside, many people may choose to stay inside this weekend. If you desire to purchase a Westfield home in the near future, you might want to choose to start looking at available homes for sale. Another task on your home buying "to do" list should be to get your...
When buying a Westfield area home, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what you should do. For example, ignore home buying myths (like you cannot have any debt whatsoever and your credit must be excellent or forget about ever being approved for a loan). Fortunately, lenders off...
You bought a Westfield home two or three years ago. Its value increased quite a bit since then. The difference between what you owe and your property's value is called "equity". You can use this equity in a myriad of ways: a vacation, a wedding, a new car. But to make the best use of your home eq...
First of all, let me thank everyone who purchased their trees and garlands this year from the Westfield Area Y's Men's Christmas Tree Lot. The response we received was tremendous. We sold out of our entire stock well before Christmas Day. All money raised from the lot helps us with our community ...
You decided to make 2021 the year that you set aside any home-buying myths you previously believed in and purchased a new property in the Westfield area. Congratulations! Part of your house-buying process more likely than not includes a home appraisal. Alleviate some of the stress of buying a hou...
I hope everyone welcomed in the New Year in their own fun yet safe way. Westfield came in at #1 on Coldwell Banker's "Top Places to Live in New Jersey" last October. (It was #9 on Niche.com's 2020 list.) But that comes as no surprise to anyone who lives here. With buyer demand rising, homeowners ...
Are you considering purchasing a Westfield home in the new year? Do you think you need to put 20% down in order to qualify? That is absolutely not the case. Some programs allow you to purchase a property with as little as 3.5% down (or less). But that is just one of several home buying myths that...
Christmas Day is exactly one week from today. For all of you procrastinators out there, that means just six more shopping days. While you run around ticking off names on your Christmas list, please consider visiting the Stop & Shop to participate in their food drive. It takes place through Decemb...

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