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Discussion on various topics related to my personal passion for buying, owning, maintaining and improving residential real estate.
With the recent acquisition of ListHuB by Move, Inc, the possibility and in fact likelihood that the landscape for moving real estate listing content around the Internet will change is very real.  Sami Inkinen C0-Founder and COO of recently blogged about this topic and made some very ...
Ive been meaning to write this post for a while now, but for whatever the reason the spirit has moved me to do so today. Maybe because it's too hot to even go outside. This post is not about buying or selling a home, but instead, about improving it. A few years back, when my business was doing be...
We just finished up our Annual Sales Meeting for The Real Estate Book and I'm reminded once again about the power of face time in an increasingly digital world. Due to the crazy economic conditions we've all been dealing with, we passed on the big annual meeting for the past two years. We do a de...
As marketers and more specifically as Real Estate Agents and Brokers, we are confronted daily with making decisions about finding the best way to stand out from the crowd and to display our listings to the best possible audience. All in the hopes of connecting a buyer and seller. As the real est...
A quick post today to talk about the power of momentum. It can be a wonderful thing, but not always. Almost by definition, momentum can never really be nailed down, as it is always moving, with us or against us.  Even though we can't touch it, we can certainly feel it. If you've played any sport ...
If you're like many Real Estate Agents, you may have just finished up your 2009 tax preparation. Or maybe, you're still working on them and considering filing for an extension. In an interesting way, tax time, as painful as it is, also gives us another opportunity, like the new year, to resolve t...
The Winter Olympic Games that just finished up this past week, were by most reasonable measures, a big success. I had the opportunity to be in Toronto last week in a meeting with about sixteen of our Canadian Publishers of The Real Estate Book. The excitement and pride associated with hosting the...
Rebound. Now that's a word many of us in and around the real estate industry have been waiting to hear. Well, it's here and it's real. In 2009 NAR reports there were about 300,000 more resales than in the previous year and the forecast for 2010 is for sales to increase again, this time by about 5...

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Discussion on various topics related to my personal passion for buying, owning, maintaining and improving residential real estate.