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Have we hit bottom? Prices are down, sales are down in volume and buyers are scared....the media loves to paint a depressing picture and I am sure that for the next few months or even a year or so we will not see much of a change. You probably know what has caused this, a perfect storm of several years of double digit home appreciation, relaxed lending standards and a buying frenzy spurred by investors, but when will the market turn around?
I tried this the other night and it worked to overcome an objection (Caution, only use if you are a little grumpy and tired) it goes something like this... Seller, "Well Gordon our friend at the office who really knows the market and has seen our house said we can get $50,000 more than you have j...
I'm so old I remember a time before cell phones, before computers, before fax machines even. With each new implementation a mini revolution in the way our business is handled takes place. Today we have paperless transactions. Email signatures will save buyers and sellers from having to print sign...
I have had so much trouble with personal property negotiated in a transaction that from now on I do not want it mentioned anywhere in a contract. There seems to be more hard feelings and blown deals over a refrigerator, washer and dryer than anything else. I sell houses not used appliances, and h...
Coming from the UK I have to say that the way real estate is bought and sold is light years behind us with respect to efficiency. For example there is no MLS as such. marketing down to pretty much placing a flyer in a store window. Lawyers control the industry and paperwork is transferred using r...
Recently I have encountered twice what I hope is not a new way of doing business. In both cases an agent wrote an offer on a listing I had, emailed it to me, but never followed up after sending it to check that I had received it.  What makes this crazy is that in one case the agent had the wrong ...
Well I have have had several agents who after faxing me an offer fall off the face of the planet, don't return calls emails etc. Last week for the first time I wrote an offer on a listing, faxed it to the number listed on the MLS and had zero response for 7 days! I left messages at both numbers f...
  Is anyone else suffering from the Zillow Effect? Tell you what, I am getting a big dose of it at the moment. Every time I sit down with a seller at a listing presentation and after researching, reviewing and discussion of the most recent comps in the neighborhood, the seller will say something ...
    Agents try a new tactic! Recently a new phenomenon has appeared in the local real estate market in the tri-valley. Many homes in Livermore and homes for sale in Pleasanton are affected. Several homes have come onto the market at very deep discounts. These are bank owned properties or “REO”s. ...
Recently on the today show Barbara Corcoran spoke about the problems of selling today. I don't know who she is, but finally NBC put somebody on the show that speaks common sense.for the full story
 Do you remember a few short summers ago when all the talk was of online Brokers who wanted access to local MLS info to advertise as their own, the purpose being to be able encourage buyers and sellers to use their discounted service? A result could have been a breakup of MLS services. I have jus...

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