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There is something about small towns and local traditions. The Grants Pass Caveman has long been the mascot for the city of Grants Pass, “My Home Town”. The “cavemen” used to roam the streets during the annual Memorial Day “Boatnik” Parade. They would walk through the crowd at the parade, select a “captive”, put them in a cage and continue down the parade route. When I was small I was terrified of the “cavemen” and their cage. One year they took my mother, imprisoned her in the cage and kept on going. I screamed and cried, not realizing that the “cavemen” were community members, as well as members of the Active Club, and that my mom would be released just down the road. Sometime ago the “cavemen” were disbanded for whatever reason. This year the cavemen are back. As I prepare my “float” this year I am reminded of the Cavemen and their cage. I wonder if they will reintroduce the cage during the parade on Saturday. Yesterday morning my husband and I arrived at our place of business to find that our storage unit had been broken into and various items stolen. The frustration with the petty crime, the lack of jails and the ability to really put some teeth into our laws to discourage these criminals is very frustrating. Since yesterday, we have been trying to finish our float. Grateful that the thieves didn’t vandalize our hard work, yet frustrated as they did steal necessary tools. Given the break-in, I have been fantasizing about what it would be like to house real criminals in the cavemen’s “cage”. Particularly repeat offenders. I guarantee I would not shed a tear if I could capture the people who broke into my shed, stuff them into the cavemen’s “cage” and have them exhibited to the general public. Incarcerating criminals may be a fantasy in Grants Pass. But I for one, welcome the “CAVEMEN” back to My Home Town.
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