Do you sometimes find that as you are engaged in doing one thing - it will trigger off thoughts and ideas that relate to another; speaking in particular to home staging.  That's what happened to me today coming up with this simple thought that I thought I'd share...  ...unless one demonstrates th...
  This is an actual photo from a property listed at about $550K.  It's the master bath. After taking a CE course offered by FMLS on digital photography - the point was definitely re-emphasized about the importance of good listing photos.  We have to remember, first of all, that 80% of house hunte...
Foyers ~ they are the first to be seen and the last to be seen.  That, obviously, makes them an integral part of the positive statement the property wants to have to the prospective buyer.  That thought really struck me when it was made from one of the design shows I catch from time to time.  Alt...
Isn't this the ultimate goal of the home stager, to have each room give a postive message?As I was meditating on the various items that need to be addressed with a current property I am staging, I was going about the items room-by-room, beginning with the foyer.  This is a $2M house where 2 broth...
Okay, after scanning the posts regarding recommended cameras that host good wide-angle capabilities, here's the choices I've narrowed it down to:Canon SD870Kodak V/570 or V705Panasonic Lumix FX-07So, I'm looking for any last word before I sink my $$ into a new camera.  I am really interested in a...
Honestly,I believe there isn't a definite answer, but, as I slowly look for the deals on accessories to build up some inventory, I wonder where my $$ would be best spent - artwork? florals? So my question is "What do you like to have an abundance of in your decor reservoir?"  "What do you find is...
03/31/2008 Nice testimony - good points peppered throughout.
Realizing more and more that having ready-made art is a big plus, I have purchased the materials and made my first attempt with this project.  However, the glue I used makes the paper wrinkle (Modge Podge).  Is there a better product I should use for this type of project to keep the paper smooth ...
Okay, I have mainly been doing resales in this price point - now a realtor has asked me to do a new construction vacant!  E-e-e-ek!  I really would like to have this experience under my belt.Being that this is a property in this high price range, I feel putting in your average rental furniture ma...

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