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Gainesville Real Estate News is the resource for all the latest Gainesville Market News, Real Estate Trends, Luxury Real Estate Hot Topics, Latest Short Sale and Distressed Property Updates, Income Producing Property Outlook, Real Estate Investor News, Buyer Tips and Seller Topics.



Strategies to Market your Gainesville Short Sale - Anson Properties has expert Gainesville Short Sale Realtors who have successfully handled short sale listings, require listing periods of no less than 1 year on the Gainesville Short Sale Homes. During the listing period, short sale lenders are o...
Gainesville - How to Process a Short Sale File Anson Properties, who successfully handles short sale listings, understands the time sensitivity of the short sale process. During the listing period, short sale lenders are observing the status of the property. If it takes a period of time for the l...
Gainesville Short Sale Agent and Attorney Communication Short Sales sometimes carry a bad stigma when it comes to the amount of time it takes to work through the short sale process. Though short sale lenders are improving their process timelines there is still much to be said about taking 4 - 6 m...
Why Closely Monitoring a Gainesville Short Sale is Important Anson Properties received a short sale approval yesterday and from the start, working with the lender proved to be extremely difficult. We've jumped through several loopholes while maintaining as much patience as we could muster. The ho...
Gainesville Short Sale Owners filed against Leading Lenders Last year, several lenders vowed to work together with the underwater homeowners to avoid deceitful practices as mentioned in the national legal settlement. However, just recently, there are numerous homeowners in Florida who reported co...
Military homeowners to get short sale assistance Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) acting director, Edward DeMarco, announced short sale policy changes for active-duty military homeowners. With this new set of rules, military homeowners can now short sale their homes without having to take a ...
736K self-insured Florida residents to get rebate The Florida Department of Health and Human services announced that health insurers will pay $124 million to about 1.3 million Florida self-insured residents. The amount may vary but the average is about $168 rebate per household. This rebate is pa...
This story takes the cake and I am still trying to get my mouth closed after hearing it.  About 6 months ago I hired a woman, I will refer to as Mary, for a marketing project I was working on.  It was simple in nature and did not require any more skills than the use of a camera.  This was nothing...
30-year FRM hits record low at 3.66% Short-term mortgage rates to remain unchanged, according to 50% of experts polled by Experts who account 17% of the poll foresee further drops, while the remaining 37% predicts an increase. The average U.S. loan interest rate for a 30-year fixed ...
Foreclosure review deadline, extended Foreclosed homeowners who think they may have been victims of unfair foreclosure process between the years 2009 and 2010 have two more months to ask the federal government to review the proceedings. The Independent Foreclosure Review intends to determine whet...

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